Manticore X Lower for Ruger® 10/22®


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IMPORTANT: Mount your Manticore X Lower to a receiver before pulling the trigger. Pulling the trigger prior to installation may result in damage to the product or lost parts caused by springs under tension. Reference written or video instructions for additional information.

The video above is the abbreviated overview for how to install a Manticore X Lower to your receiver. For more in-depth instructional content, click this link to view our Manticore X Lower Playlist on YouTube.


At a Glance:

  • Merged chassis and trigger assembly for easier takedown and reduced weight
  • Improved user-customization
  • Optic, barrel, and receiver detach as a unit to maintain consistent zero

Meet the Manticore X Lower for Ruger® 10/22®, a groundbreaking upgrade that marks the next phase in the evolution of the Manticore series and 10/22 style firearms. This modernized system is meticulously designed with modularity as its core objective, offering a level of customization that sets it apart from conventional 10/22® builds.

For those seeking “the full package,” be sure to also get the PRO Bundle for Manticore X! This discounted combo includes our M-LOK® Forend, AR hiveGrip, and Folding Picatinny Buttstock to provide you with everything you need for the ultimate upgrade.

Unlike traditional 10/22® chassis or stocks, the Manticore X boasts a lightweight, integrated trigger assembly and chassis design. This seamlessly mounts to Ruger® 10/22® receivers, barrels, and a myriad of aftermarket accessories to offer the ultimate advancement in customization and modularity. Its compatibility extends beyond the ordinary, allowing shooters to explore diverse configurations tailored to their preferences.

The heart of the Manticore X is  a pre-assembled housing ready to accept AR style grips with or without tangs. The lower doesn’t just stop at grip compatibility as Manticore X also supports picatinny mounted buttstocks, braces, sling swivels, and more to accommodate a wide array of accessories. Additionally, the Manticore X Lower also features an integrated QD sling mount reversible for left or right side use.

The Manticore X comes fully assembled and ready to rock with all of the features of the original Manticore and more including:

    • Ultimate Trigger Kit: A lightened trigger pull with a textured, flat-faced Victory Trigger Shoe
    • Trigger adjustability: adjustable for over-travel and pull-weight from approximately 2.25lbs to over 5lbs
    • Cornerstone Rotary Safety: Ambidextrous, short throw rotary safety selector
    • Bolt Keeper Extended Bolt Lock: auto bolt release and enlarged actuation knob for simplified use
    •  Fireswitch Extended Magazine Release: textured face and bi-directional actuation; push or pull to drop magazines
    • Aerospace grade aluminum: CNC machined housing with matte black anodized finish
    • Enlarged trigger guard: supports large or gloved hands; features index points for memorable ready position
    • Direct grip mount: accommodates AR compatible pistol grips with or without a beavertail
    • Direct stock/brace/sling mount: rear picatinny mount for stocks, slings, or braces; can be configured for inline or 12° downward pitch to customize stock angle
    • Integral QD rear sling mount: swappable to left or right side
  • Pin Storage: dedicated retaining holes in lower to store KrossPins and Shock Block Bolt Buffer when disassembled
  • Free floating barrel: The barrel is free-floating from the chassis, allowing for superior accuracy

Manticore X uses TANDEMKROSS’s self-capturing Upgraded Receiver KrossPins as a universal takedown mechanism. This method offers improved accuracy and reliability over a detachable barrel system. Fixed barrel and takedown receiver owners can now break down and reassemble their firearm without any shift in point of impact (POI) as the barrel, receiver, and optic remain fixed. The Manticore X works with both takedown and non-takedown receivers.

Embrace the future of rimfire with the Manticore X Lower from TANDEMKROSS!

The Manticore X Lower comes with your choice of black or red accessories.

Supported Models:

  • Ruger® 10/22®
  • Ruger® 10/22® Carbine
  • Ruger® 10/22 Takedown®
  • Ruger® 10/22 Takedown LITE®
  • Ruger® 10/22® Compact
  • Ruger® 10/22® Tactical
  • Ruger® 10/22® Sporter
  • Ruger® 10/22® Competition
  • Ruger® 22 Charger™


Additional Accessories:

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: The Manticore X Lower is compatible with factory 10/22 TAKEDOWN® forends. TANDEMKROSS’s M-LOK® Forend for Manticore X is not compatible with 10/22 TAKEDOWN® receivers.  For reliable trigger reset and cycling, TANDEMKROSS recommends using barrels with at least 8" of rifling or more on 10/22® style firearms. This product is not compatible with Tactical Solutions® X-Ring Receiver or left-handed factory Ruger® 10/22® receivers.

IMPORTANT: Mount your Manticore X to a receiver before pulling the trigger. Pulling the trigger prior to installation may result in damage to the product or lost parts caused by springs under tension. Trigger pull weight is adjustable by the user. Travel adjustments can directly impact reliability if done incorrectly. TANDEMKROSS recommends adjustments be completed by a qualified gunsmith.

Know your State and Federal laws before installing on your receiver.

This item is NOT considered an “80% Lower” and Complies with Rule 2021 R-05F

Grandfathers in existing classifications of frames or receivers (to include split frames or receivers) and allows them to be marked in accordance with the existing requirements.

The full definition can be found here:

This product is NOT a serialized part.

This product complies with ATF RULING 2009-2

M-LOK® is a registered trademark of Magpul Industries Corp. Patent:

This product is protected against mechanical failure for life by TANDEMKROSS’s Lifetime Guarantee. Learn more about our warranty and returns policies here.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm. For more information go to

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Manticore X

    Posted by Allen on 18th Mar 2024

    I installed this with a tactical Solutions upper and Briley lightweight barrel. As expected, the trigger break is crisp with minimal pre travel and short reset. What I really like is the Buttstock options and added pistol grip. I have no negatives.

  • 5

    Posted by Mike krajnak on 15th Feb 2024

    This set up with the stock and forend make this setup an absolutely awesome race platform .

  • 5
    Manticore X lower

    Posted by Rickey on 27th Jan 2024

    I ordered the Manticore X lower to make it a part of a steel challenge rifle. The upper has a Tactical solutions 10/22 barrel and a C-more red dot sight. I wanted to wait until I got a chance to shoot it and sight it in. Took it today to our range and after two magazines, I had one big hole (dead center) at 15 yards. I wanted a light weight rifle to shoot steel challenge. It also must be reliable. This package will fit both requirements. As always, you can expect the very best in products and service from Tandemkross. Thanks folks!

  • 5
    Manticore X Lower for Ruger® 10/22®

    Posted by Wilber Beste on 18th Jan 2024

    I purchased the Manticore X with the bundle pack mostly for its minimalism and light weight. Choosing a X Ring barrel, 16" for this unit. Primary Arms Cyclops SLX 1x prism scope rides on top. Extremely light. Living in the wilds of Alaska where you always carry a bear gun when out and about in the woods. Having a 22 that's so light and accurate is a great benefit. Rabbits are on a comeback cycle, everywhere you go you will find them. The Manticore X is very well thought out. More features built in than most 22's. Love the two-way mag release, and the bolt stop. The trigger is one of the best out there. Plus the cool factor of the Manticore X is obvious. A fantastic addition to my collection.

  • 5
    A perfect fit

    Posted by Peter on 13th Jan 2024

    So easy to install, as long as you have the TK aftermarket safety, as the side walls are too stiff to allow the factory safety clearance.

  • 5
    Manticore X Lower

    Posted by Ricky Kyker on 8th Jan 2024

    Awesome product! This was a fun project to build. The trigger, safety, and magazine release are spot on. I ve run it on a couple of matches and it runs great!

  • 5
    Good light weight setup

    Posted by Tom on 6th Jan 2024

    Great for a speed or light weight setup. Trigger has very crisp break. Still haven't adjusted take up screw as I don't have an Allen that small, but have a set on order. Will update more on trigger once I can adjust it more.

  • 5
    Manticore X

    Posted by Andres on 2nd Jan 2024

    Awesome product!!!