Become a Dealer

Dealer Program Overview

Business today is all about efficiency. As a small business, TANDEMKROSS knows that. We offer a unique and competitive dealer experience that not only helps you efficiently and confidently select TANDEMKROSS parts for your firearms shop or web store, but also offers the resources you need to be successful with selling TK products.


Approved TK dealers avoid annoying order forms. With some profit margins as high as 35% and a personalized ordering process, our dealers can get inventory when they need it, and actually make money on it!


Our customer service is second to none, and we work hard to get to know each dealer personally. The better we know you and your customers - the better we can help you succeed selling TANDEMKROSS products.


Sign up today and start carrying innovative products that solve real customer problems!


TANDEMKROSS Dealer Program Benefits:

• Low minimum order quantity
• High Margins with some products up to 35%!
• Fast Delivery
• Efficient ordering with personalized customer service


How to Sign up

Signing up for a TANDEMKROSS dealer account is simple. Follow the 3 easy steps below and start selling!


1. Email your resale certificate, FFL or business license to
2 Create a account at and receive approval within 1-3 business days.
3 Give us a call at 603.369.7060 to order inventory.

Of course TANDEMKROSS extends the same great customer service to our dealers as we offer to our customers. If you require assistance in anyway just call 603.369.7060 or email us at


Dealer Resources

We believe that building and maintaining our dealer relationships depends on our ability to set you up for success. If your sales reps don't know what our parts do, or why a customer might need our products, then you can't sell the parts. And if you can't sell the parts, you don't make money.


We don't want that! We're committed to helping you succeed at selling our products.


To help you do that, we offer a monthly dealer newsletter filled with information about TK parts and accessories, offering personalized sales trainings for your employees, and even share our best tips and tricks for selling more TK parts, boosting your cart sales and even selling gunsmithing services.


You'll receive this information and more each month when you sign up to be a TANDEMKROSS dealer.


Don't wait to sign up! Email us at or call us at 603.369.7060 today!