Gunsmither Safety Tool for Ruger 10/22

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At a Glance:

  • Dual Purpose tool makes taking the Ruger® 10/22® Safety and plunger out simple
  • Made with high quality materials for a lifetime of use
  • Built in punch for the trigger and housing pins as well as specialized punch for the safety with removable slave pins
This tool is a dual purpose tool that allows you to easily remove the pins in the Ruger® 10/22® trigger assembly and easily take out the safety without losing the plunger and spring.  One end of the tool acts as a pusher for the pin and the other end for the safety.  The pin pusher end is removable and is used to capture the safety plunger.  This part was designed by a professional Gunsmith and with the versatility of this tool for working on the trigger assembly it is a must have for anyone working on a Ruger® 10/22®!

46 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by JOHN on 4th Sep 2023

    Excellent little tool that make it easier to service the Ruger trigger

  • 4

    Posted by Rick on 15th Aug 2023

    This tool like any other right tool for the job, makes it easier to do the job, and save time!!!

  • 5
    Extractor Tool

    Posted by James Campbell on 14th Aug 2023

    I thought that I had already done a review on this tool. But I guess not. Like everybody else if you work on your Ruger 10/22 like a lot of us, it has been said before, but this is the best tool out there for working on your 10/22. I bought this after watching one of the videos on Tanemkrosses site and they used it to remove the safety selector to replace it with one of their own. I must say again they have the most informative videos out there. And yes, you do need this tool and I as well will be getting another, just in case for some crazy reason they stop making it. I will say that finding the company on the interweb has been a godsend because they sell great products and have videos to show how to replace the parts that you buy from them. Great company.

  • 5
    Safety Tool

    Posted by Barry on 8th Aug 2023

    If you ever disassemble the trigger group of a Ruger 1022, you ll be glad you have this tool. Very seldom do you need to remove the safety but if you do this tool is worth it s weight in gold. It makes removal and installation of the safety button much less hassle. Also, the Trigger Slave Pin for the trigger/sear pin reinstallation is priceless. It s a perfect fit instead of pieces of toothpicks, etc. Also, the dual end punch is great for removing the 4 main trigger group pins. If you get into serious maintenance on a 1022, you will glad this tool is on your bench.

  • 5
    10/22 safety tool

    Posted by Matt on 6th Jul 2023

    This is the best tool for 10/22 work and about the only way to remove and install the safety

  • 5

    Posted by Joe on 11th Sep 2022

    Tis tool works great make thing easier and faster

  • 5
    Great Tool

    Posted by Mike on 17th May 2022

    This is a nice addition to help disassemble the trigger assembly.

  • 5
    Gunsmuther Safety Tool for Ruger 10/22

    Posted by Ed Yates on 18th Apr 2022

    Excellent tool for disassembling the Ruger 10/22 trigger assembly. Easy to use and works well on other firearms. Nice tool to keep with your cleaning accessories and on the work bench.

  • 5
    Nice time saving tool

    Posted by Don on 23rd May 2021

    I gunsmith and build many custom 10/22s this specialty tool helps make the job faster and easier.