Assembled DoubleKross Magazine for Ruger® 10/22®


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At a Glance:

  • Clear for easy view of round count
  • Two 10-round magazines in a single housing
  • Assembled and ready to go out of the box


20 rounds, one mag body, two 10-round compartments; it’s the fully Assembled DoubleKross Magazine for Ruger® 10/22® from TANDEMRKOSS!


Featuring a clear body, the DoubleKross gives you the ability to count your rounds! When your first ten rounds run out, just eject, flip, and go again! Rather than one single 10-round magazine, or one 20-round magazine, the DoubleKross gets you the convenience of a 20-round mag while adhering to 10-round mag capacity limits!


Plinking for fun target practice, in the heat of competition, backpacking, or anything else; the DoubleKross is the pinnacle of convenience and functionality. With one DoubleKross Magazine for each hand, you now have the equivalent capacity of four factory magazines!


These magazines are carefully assembled and tuned to the optimal settings and are fully ready to go the moment you take them out of the packaging. As durable as they are lightweight, these upgraded magazines are great to have and will last a very long time!


Get the Assembled DoubleKross Magazine for Ruger® 10/22® today to make your good gun GREAT!


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Supported models:

  • Ruger® 10/22®
  • Ruger® 10/22® Carbine
  • Ruger® 10/22 Takedown®
  • Ruger® 10/22 Takedown LITE®
  • Ruger® 10/22® Compact
  • Ruger® 10/22® Tactical
  • Ruger® 10/22® Sporter
  • Ruger® 22 Charger™
  • Ruger® 10/22® Target


Don’t forget, all TANDEMKROSS products are made in the USA and come with a LIFETIME guarantee!

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including BPA, which is known to the State of California to cause female reproductive harm. For more information go to

13 Reviews

  • 5
    Very pleased

    Posted by John Alexander on 23rd Jul 2024

    So glad TK started selling these as a complete unit, and they still work with my speed loader. look at feel great ! Another home run for TK

  • 3

    Posted by Duane on 11th Sep 2023

    I thought this would be a good addition for shooting steal plate challenge in a league where I have to do a mag change. I practiced several times and used it twice in competition. I had one failure to advance a round, I chalked it up to being new and that was the only time. I do like the concept and it appears to be well made. Here is my biggest issue, I instinctively wanted to flip the mag forward to get to the other side - going either forward or backwards seems more natural to me. However, the mag comes out and you have to flip is sideways left or right. Notice in the video of the mag the guy pulls the mag out and holds it against his body to flip before reinsertion. It is just not natural. You can hold it in your hand while practicing and spin it between your fingers but that isn't practical in competition. Is there a way to make the two sections modular so they can come apart and the shooter can decide which way they want them aligned for their style of shooting? I can shoot a 15 or 25 round mag but am required to do a mag change, with this orientation, it isn't much if any quicker. It appears to be durable and well made so I anticipate it lasting as long as I do. Because it wasn't as fast as I think it could be, I gave it a 3. Also consider putting finger holes/grooves in the center where it pivots if you keep the left to right configuration. You could then grab with your hand and pivot between your thumb and middle finger.

  • 5

    Posted by Timmy on 1st Sep 2023

    Love it shoot flawlessly Might get more in future

  • 5
    DoubleKross Magazine for Ruger 10/22

    Posted by Jeffrey Kreider on 23rd Aug 2023

    I love these magazines! I load them before a match and I am all set with enough loaded ammo to shoot my practice rounds AND the match! I have two of these so I have 40 shots loaded and ready! Another GREAT product from TandenKross! Making my good gun great!! Thanks!!

  • 5
    DoubleKross Magazine

    Posted by Craig Casey on 21st Jul 2023

    I purchased this mag to shoot a 22 2gun match created at our local gun range. You always have to do a reload due to 10 round capacity so I bought this so I would not drop a mag on the ground during reloads, I just rotate it to the next ten, I have noticed some brand mags fit tighter than others, this one was on the tighter side which made it a little tougher than some to reinstall in the Ruger SR22 rifle I was using. I have not tried the mag in any other 10/22s to give a comparison. I plan to buy more.

  • 5

    Posted by Roy on 6th Jul 2023

    The DoubleKross for Ruger 10/22 worked well in the Bergara BMR Steel. The concept is handy and never had an issue feeding. It's a bit difficult to load, but those mag's are always a little awkward.

  • 5
    review doublekross

    Posted by Kevin on 29th Jun 2023

    after you slightly sand a high spot on one side of the magazine, they work great not hard to do and worth it!!

  • 5
    Double mag

    Posted by Louis Roy on 1st Apr 2023

    Looked interesting so I thought I would give it a try. Works good, looks good

  • 5
    Doublkross Mag

    Posted by William on 4th Mar 2023

    They function great. Much faster to swap mags and easier to handle.