“UPRISER” Chassis for Ruger® PC Carbine™ Guest Review

“UPRISER” Chassis for Ruger® PC Carbine™ Guest Review

Posted by Chad Wylie on 16th Jun 2020

Well, I got the Tandemkross Upriser together.

First Thoughts
The packaging is amazing. As someone in the industry who works with product packaging daily, they killed it. There is something else that impressed me more however. Bryan Haaker and his team put enough thought into this kit to include EVERY TOOL YOU NEED for the job. That is huge. The attention to detail on that in itself blew me away. It also taught me a lesson in what to offer customers as the "extra mile". I'm going to say it wasn't a huge investment BUT the offering speaks VOLUMES about the level of detail these guys go to make you a happy camper.

Product Fit and Finish

Superb. I have access to a lot of machines and see a lot of machined parts. Each piece was very well finished with little to no machining mark's. Aluminium is easy to cut and pretty hard to keep "clean". The extended mag release included in this kit was perfect. The anodizing is deep and rich and looks to be very solid. I'm assuming they took the time to deburr, tumble and polish each part before it hit the tanks. The chassis itself had no deformities that I can tell and the finish is smooth. It went together like peanut butter and jelly with no flashing present to obstruct the installation.

The Install
Straight forward, easy and direct. The only head scratch I had was the extended mag release. The way I thought it installed and how it actually works was completely off base. The engineer who drew this up capitalized on the factory release design and took advantage of the relief cuts that were already there. It interfaces perfectly with it and gives a very solid, positive engagement. From start to finish I had about 20 minutes of time invested.


They fixed what I hated. The factory angle, the bulk and the weight has been a turn off for me. While the "UPRISER" stock looks a little odd, and completely unconventional, it works. I use a MBX Tang on my PCCO to allow me to bring the dot up quicker under speed. This is the same concept on what is a conventional rifle profile. I ran a few plate rack runs and was 1 for 1 every time at a moderate to fast pace. You didn't have to bury your cheek into a proper weld anywhere near what was required before.

Final Thoughts

I like it. A lot. Sure, its unconventional, but PCC is kinda unconventional itself. Manufacturers are getting really innovative in the offerings for this market. I see A TON of parts for PCCs. It's my thing. I rarely get something that I step back and go "dang, they hit that nail on the head" and I got that exact feeling after it all came together. The TK team obviously did a great job researching the features that need to be tweaked to make this a competitive platform. While I'll always use my Lead Star and PSA AR's in PCCO, this seems to be one of the best PCCI upgrades available. Getting those sights up made a huge difference from what I can tell. As soon as I can, I'm going to start practicing PCCI again to get ready for Worlds.

The Negative

I didn't love the standard stock so I swapped it out. The buffer tube was typical mil-spec and I had no issues with that. I prefer the MFT Minalmalist. I also prefer thinner grips than the "hiveGrips" BUT I'm keeping an open mind and am trying it out. I may end up switching it to my favorite Thril grip. Other than that, solid.

I would like to point out that I in no way have ties to TK beyond this post and the fact that I've spoken to TK on and off for a few years now. I saw this new offering, reached out and here we are. In my opinion the PC Carbine was "meh" and this corrected some of the shortcomings. Now, if I could get this factory trigger cleaned up, I'll be good to go. TK was also good enough to send me there other parts to test and I'll do those seperate. I felt like this needed a review by itself. Good job guys! If you want to check it out, below is a link to their website. Good job TK.



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