Top 3 Guns for Women

Posted by Bob on 25th Oct 2013

There really are no wrong guns for women, it is all about your personal tastes and preferences. You will want to try out several and ensure that you get the one that feels best for you - one that you are comfortable carrying around and using in emergencies. There are many options out there that are easy to handle, but have the power that you are looking for.

Ruger Mark III

This is a semi-automatic .22 long rifle. It only weighs 31 to 45 ounces and the total length of the gun is nine to 11 inches, with a barrel length of five to seven inches. On the left side, there is a visible loaded chamber indicator. If the magazine is removed, you cannot fire this gun due to a new magazine disconnect. You can turn the lock to “safe” position with the use of a key. This is due to a newly added internal safety lock.

Ruger Mark II

This is a semi-automatic, rimfire single-action .22 long rifle. This is one of the more popular handguns available today. It it just over 11 inches in length and 46 ounces in weight. The feed system has one in the chamber and then a 10-round magazine ready to go. This gun has a large variety of models and they all differ a bit from the others. For example, some models have adjustable sights and heavier barrels than others.

Ruger New Model Single Six

This small handgun comes in two different colors, including blued steel and stainless steel. This single-action rim-fire revolver has a traditional western look, but it is a fully modernized gun. It has a safety measure with its enhanced transfer mechanism and this makes it possible for you to carry this gun when you have bullets in all of the chambers. The trigger must be pulled for this gun to shoot.