TANDEMKROSS Introduces Innovative "Thunder" Hammer for SW22® Victory™

Posted by Danielle Gagnon on 2nd Jul 2018


TANDEMKROSS Launches Upgraded Competition Hammer for SW22® Victory™

WEARE, NH - Innovative firearm accessories manufacturer TANDEMKROSS has launched the latest competition upgrade for the SW22® Victory™: the lightweight “Thunder” Hammer.

The “Thunder” Hammer for SW22® Victory™ is a drop-in replacement hammer that significantly reduces the SW22® trigger pull weight. Precision-machined from lightweight, hardened S7 tool steel for improved performance, the “Thunder” Hammer reduces lock time for faster, more accurate shooting.

The hammer’s innovative design also changes the angle of engagement between the sear and hammer, dramatically reducing the trigger pull weight. When combined with the TANDEMKROSS “Victory” Trigger for SW22® Victory™, the “Thunder” Hammer can reduce the trigger pull weight to below 2 pounds.

“The design and feel of the “Thunder” Hammer take the SW22® Victory™ to the next level,” said TANDEMKROSS Product Development Director Jake Wyman. “You won't be disappointed!”

For a full review of the impact of the “Thunder” Hammer on trigger pull weight, watch this video from TANDEMKROSS.

Click here to learn more about the “Thunder” Hammer for SW22® Victory™.

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