TANDEMKROSS Introduces "halo" Charging Ring for Ruger® Mark IV, Mark III & Mark III 22/45

TANDEMKROSS Introduces "halo" Charging Ring for Ruger® Mark IV, Mark III & Mark III 22/45

Posted by Danielle Gagnon on 17th Nov 2016

TANDEMKROSS, an innovative manufacturer of after-market firearms accessories, has introduced a new charging handle for the Ruger® Mark IV, Mark III and Mark III 22/45.

The “halo” Charging Ring is modeled after the company’s popular charging handles for SW22® Victory™ and Browning Buck Mark, and features a unique pull ring design to make charging easy for all users.

The charging ring helps improve grip and puts an end to sore and pinched fingers when charging your Ruger® pistol. The ring design allows for easy charging whether the user is left- or right-handed.

Made of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, the “halo” Charging Ring for Ruger® Mark IV and Ruger® Mark III pistols is ideal for rimfire competition shooters, junior and senior shooters and anyone with smaller hands.

This new product comes after months of customer requests for a ring style charging handle, replacing the TANDEMKROSS “Challenger” Charging Handle for the Ruger® Mark series.

“Ever since we launched our first 'halo' charging handle for the Browning Buck Mark, customers have been inundating us with requests for a Ruger® MK series version,” said Business Development Manager Bryan Haaker. “Meeting customer needs is a top priority at TANDEMKROSS, so I am so excited to let our audience know that we have heard you loud and clear. Not only are we launching this 'halo' for the Ruger MKIV and MKIII series pistols today, but stay tuned shortly for a Ruger MKII 'halo' announcement as well!”

To learn more about the “halo” Charging Ring for the Ruger® MK series, visit www.TANDEMKROSS.com.