TANDEMKROSS Announces Addition of Slip 2000™ Product Line

TANDEMKROSS Announces Addition of Slip 2000™ Product Line

Posted by Danielle Gagnon on 17th Feb 2017

HOOKSETT, N.H. - TANDEMKROSS, an innovative manufacturer of aftermarket firearms accessories, is proud to announce the addition of Slip 2000™ products to their web store.

Slip 2000™ is well-known in the shooting industry for its gun lubricants, gun cleaners and cleaning accessories, including the popular Slip 2000™ Carbon Killer. Slip 2000™ offers non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable gun lubricants and cleaners that stand out for their long-lasting performance and excellent cleaning capability.

TANDEMKROSS is proud to add Slip 2000™ Carbon Killer to its online offerings of gun care products. Designed to remove carbon build-up on internal metal parts and other firearms accessories, Carbon Killer is well-known among shooters for its powerful cleaning abilities and is appreciated for its re-usability.

“Slip 2000™ gun care products were developed as a system so you could spend more time shooting and less time cleaning!” said Slip 2000™ President Greg Conner.

“We are excited to bring a dynamic company like Slip 2000™ onto our web store,” said TANDEMKROSS Business Development Director Bryan Haaker. “Customers have asked repeatedly for us to carry the Carbon Killer line and I can see why. There really is nothing like it in the industry.”

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