Maximus Plus1 Follower for Ruger® Mark Series (2-Pack)


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"Maximus" +1 Magazine Follower Install Instructions

At a glance:

  • Increase your Ruger® MK and MK 22/45™ magazine capacity by 1
  • Red color shows when magazine is empty, improves safety
  • Made from Zytel® for long-lasting durability

*Includes two followers per order*

The Ruger® MK series is a favorite for rimfire pistols for competitive shooting sports. The TANDEMKROSS “Maximus” Plus1 Follower for the Ruger® MK series is a drop-in upgrade that makes your gun competition ready - whether you're shooting a Ruger® MKIV™, MKIII™, MKII™ or 22/45™. The “Maximus” Plus1 Follower allows the user to load 11 rounds into a standard 10-round magazine - ideal for rimfire competitions, which allow the shooter to start with 11 rounds. The follower is made of durable Zytel® and is bright red, improving safety by showing the shooter when the magazine is empty.

This is a simple, drop-in upgrade and does not require any special tools to install. The "Maximus" Plus1 Follower is sold in two-packs and works with both the factory magazine base pad and TANDEMKROSS "MarkPRO" Magazine Bumper for Ruger® MKIV and "MarkPRO" Magazine Bumper for Ruger® MKIV 22/45. The followers will also work with our extended magazine bumpers for Ruger® MKIII and MKIII 22/45, including the "Plus1 PRO" Magazine Bumpers.

Don’t waste time in competition with a 10-round magazine. Load more ammo with the TANDEMKROSS “Maximus" Plus1 Follower for Ruger® MK series!

*Please note: The "Maximus" Plus1 Follower is compatible with any Ruger® MK factory magazine base pad and all TANDEMKROSS extended magazine base pads. However, using the Plus1 Follower with a TANDEMKROSS Plus1 magazine base pad does not enable the user to load 12 rounds in a standard 10-round magazine, only 11 rounds.

Supported Models:

  • Ruger® MKIV Target
  • Ruger® MKIV Hunter
  • Ruger® MKIV Competition
  • Ruger® MKIV Tactical
  • Ruger® MKIV 22/45
  • Ruger® MKIV 22/45 Tactical
  • Ruger® MKIV 22/45 LITE
  • Ruger® MKIII
  • Ruger® MKIII 22/45
  • Ruger® MKIII 22/45 LITE
  • Ruger® MKII
  • Ruger® MKII 22/45

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49 Reviews

  • 5
    Plus 1 Follower

    Posted by Tom on 1st Sep 2023

    I installed the Plus 1 follower on 2 of my Ruger Mark lll / lV magazines. They work as advertised and give you one extra round. I have had no jams or malfunctions shooting them in my Volquartsen Black Mamba pistol.

  • 5
    So easy to install

    Posted by Peter on 11th Jul 2023

    Great fit, and it makes it simpler to load as well

  • 5
    Awesome Followers

    Posted by Myles Carlson on 6th May 2022

    These work great. I thought they didnt work properly at first since I tried swapping the loading assist button to the other side to make loading easier and it wouldn't lock back. But after swapping it stock position it locked back.

  • 5

    Posted by Jon on 23rd Dec 2021

    Easy install works great

  • 5
    works good

    Posted by Glenn G on 24th Aug 2021

    I've bought several of these. so far, they were pretty easy to install and have worked flawlessly.

  • 5
    renew follower

    Posted by William A Hunter on 14th Jul 2021

    Very pleased with this product and the follow up service. Was experiencing FTF problems with 6 Ruger magazines. Ordered 6 of these units along with the stronger Green springs and followed the recommendations. All 6 magazines now function flawlessly. Thanks for solving these issues for me I particularly appreciate the replacement of one of the followers that broke during installation. Excellent product, excellent service!

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by John Zwolinski on 1st Jun 2021

    Easy to install in my ruger clips!! One extra round could be a lifesaver!! Thanks!

  • 5
    + 1 Extra round what's not to like

    Posted by Lee on 16th May 2021

    One extra round doesn't sound like much why not for a few bucks. Works great and you get two in a pack.

  • 5
    Plus 1 follower

    Posted by Ashley on 16th Apr 2021

    Nice little plus one edition to the magazine. Zero malfunctions.