Necessities for Proper Gun Cleaning

Posted by Jake on 25th Oct 2013

It is important to clean your gun regularly to ensure safety and proper function. You need to make sure that you are cleaning it correctly and this task can be made easier when you have the right supplies. There are a few gun cleaning necessities that can make the process go smoothly and help to ensure that your gun is in perfect working order.

Gun Oil

Gun oil is a solvent, a lubricant and it helps in preventing rust. This oil can be found with a sharp nose container or bottle so that you can get into those small areas and ensure that your gun is rust-free in every nook and cranny. It does not leave any oily film so there is no need to clean twice or do a wipe down after you use the oil.

Cleaning Rod

This rod allows you to scrub, wipe and lubricate the bore. These come with special ends so that they can address all parts of your gun. The one end you will want to look for is the bronze or brass bore brush. Be mindful to ensure that it matches your gun's caliber. A jag or a patch loop are also necessary for proper and thorough cleaning. If you have a larger gun, you can add extensions to this rod so that you can ensure that the entire bore is free from buildup.

Safety Equipment

It is important to protect yourself when you are cleaning your gun. Of course, you will practice basic gun safety, but there are a few items that can help to protect you too. You want to wear clear plastic goggles to prevent getting any of the cleaners into your eyes. You also want to wear rubber gloves and a disposable mask. Both of these will also protect you from the harsh chemicals as you are cleaning.

Taking care of your most prized possessions will help ensure a long life for your gun to pass down throughout many generations.