Must-have Accessories for Your Ruger Mark III

Posted by Bob on 17th Oct 2013

Many accessories are available to help you get the most out of the Ruger Mark III gun. Upgrading to a magazine bumper, adding aluminum grips and adding a leather holster are a few must have accessories for the Ruger Mark III. These accessories improve the usability and durability of the Ruger Mark III.

The 22/45 Plus1 Magazine Bumpers offers you a faster way to load one more round, which can save you time. The bumper is easy to install and replaces the gun’s magazine base plate. Additionally, the magazine is easier to handle when you use the 22/45 Plus1 Magazine Bumper.

Another must-have accessory is the C.O.W.S. MK III Pro Shooter Holster. This genuine leather holster helps protect the Ruger Mark III from wear. A company in the U.S.A. makes the classic cowboy-style holster with full-grain leather stitched together with waxed linen thread. The holster has a securing strap to hold the gun in the place. In addition, you can find another single-side mag pouch on the side of the holster to store extra ammunition. The holster has two options, one for a gun with a scope and the other for a gun without scope.

The TANDEMKROSS 22/45 Aluminum Super Grips upgrade your Ruger Mark III in performance, durability and usability. The slim aluminum grips prevent wear and give a solid handgrip on the gun. They come in olive, silver or black. The better the grip, the better control you have when using your Ruger Mark III.

Once you upgrade the Ruger Mark III, you can see how the customization can add to your gun’s usability. The grips and leather holster help protect the gun from wear, while the magazine bumper offers easier loading of your ammunition. These accessories are a must-have for the Ruger Mark III.