Cleaning Your Ruger Mark II

Posted by Bob on 17th Oct 2013

The Ruger Mark II is a rimfire, semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Co. This particular pistol fires .22 long rifle rounds and sports a 10-round magazine. This is a very popular model pistol, with over 3 million units sold. However, the cleaning process can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with this pistol.

To begin the cleaning process for your Ruger Mark II, you need to disassemble the gun. The next step requires you to focus on the barrel of the pistol. You need to have a snake bore tool and gun lubricant to clean the entire barrel. Apply the gun oil to the inside of the barrel. Then, pull the snake bore tool through the barrel, twisting slightly, and follow up using a small bolt of cloth to wipe the inside. Repeat this process until there is no carbon inside of the barrel.

Next, lightly brush the lower receiver with a wire brush, breaking up the compacted carbon. Areas of focus are the trigger guard, lower receiver and upper receiver. Once you clean these areas, follow up with a small bolt of cloth, and repeat the process of brushing and wiping with the cloth until there is no carbon present in the pistol.

Depending on the amount of detail you put into cleaning your Ruger Mark II, the cleaning process can be very brief or can become a longer ordeal. Understanding the pistol parts, tools and products that you need reduces this time. However, the frequency that you use your pistol dictates the amount of attention that you must give the cleaning process.