Choosing Your First Handgun

Posted by Bryan on 14th Dec 2013

Buying a gun is something that can be quite daunting to purchase, especially for the first time and it is important to prepare and do your research to ensure that you are buying the right gun for you. There are many different things for new gun owners to consider and all of these are even more important for first time gun buyers. State Laws Each state varies when it comes to the different laws concerning handguns. Most states simply require a state ID and a background check to buy a gun, but others are a bit more strict. For example, some will now allow people to purchase certain types of guns and some states have tougher background check requirements than others do. Some states will not allow residents to possess guns with high-capacity magazines and those that are classified as “Saturday Night Specials.” What is the Gun For? You will want to determine what you will be using the gun for. For example, some people simply want a gun for personal protection, some want to participate in target or competition shooting and others want to hunt. What you plan to do with the gun will determine which type you should be looking for. If protection is your motive, you do not need anything large or fancy, especially if you plan to carry the gun with you when you are out and about. Other Considerations

You want to make sure that the guns fits comfortably into your hand and that you can easily hold and control the weapon. You must feel confident holding it if you want to use it for protection. The recoil should not shock you or make your anxious, this is one reason to actually practice with the gun you plan on buying. You also want to look at the caliber of the gun and make sure that it is reliable for self-defense. Make sure that you understand how to safely store your gun especially if you have children in the house! Guns provide protection and peace of mind, but only when you fully know how to handle and properly own one.