Introducing the Steel Challenge Bi-Monthly Blog Series

Introducing the Steel Challenge Bi-Monthly Blog Series

Posted by Jeff Jones on 5th Feb 2018

Hi everyone, my name is Jeff Jones and I’m a newly sponsored shooter for TANDEMKROSS. I shot my first Steel Challenge match (RFPI) in July of 2016 at the ripe old age of 52. Since then I’ve competed in numerous level I, II and III matches in multiple states and have become a GM in RFPO, RFRI and PCCO an M in RFPI and a B in OPEN. I also shoot USPSA in the limited division.

I plan on being at a lot of matches this year and should be easy to find: look for the black safari hat with the Steel Challenge logo on the back and the TK logo on the front. TANDEMKROSS was kind enough to allow me to post on their blog, where I hope you can find something that helps you reach your goals. Thanks for reading.

Welcome to the TANDEMKROSS blog series on the Steel Challenge and Rimfire Challenge shooting sports. In every installment, our hope is that you learn something about these shooting sports that you didn’t know. It might be on the history of the sports, a shooting technique, training tip , information on equipment or a suggestion from one of you. Our goal is to have the blog updated bi-monthly, sometimes it will be early, sometimes late. It’s like the steel challenge, sometimes you’re in the zone and crush the stage one for one, other times you couldn’t hit the 18”x24” plate if it was 5 feet in front of you.

Today we are talking about the growth of the Steel Challenge.

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA), or commonly shortened to the Steel Challenge saw unprecedented growth in 2017. Clubs are getting affiliated and running sanctioned events all over the country. What used to be a minor event a few times a year has turned transformed into a full fledged shooting sport.

Competitors (

In 2010, there were 212 guns and 2 matches, the main match (126 entries, 8 divisions) and the rimfire pistol division (86 entries, 2 division).

In 2017, there were 320 guns in 4 matches in 13 divisions.

Matches (

In 2010, there were 3 Level III matches, 2 Level 2 and 66 level 1 matches.

In 2017, there were 5 Level III matches, 12 Level II matches and 781 Level 1 matches.

Classified Shooters (Frontsight, Sep/Oct 2017)

In July 2016, there were 3619 classifications (baseline for new classification system)

In July 2017, there were 8012 classifications

Using a little math this would put the classified shooters over 10,000 by the end of 2017

Youth Shooters

One of the other areas of growth in the sport is in youth shooters. While I don’t have any statistics on this, go to any match and you’re sure to see youth shooters. Go to a level III match and you’ll see a lot of them, and they’re good. Remember the names Busch, Chamberlain, Cutts and Jensen, you’ll be seeing them at the top of the podium in years to come.

Until next time remember, "One Shot, One Steel!"