Why I like the sport: Austin Chamberlain

Posted by Veronica on 18th Jul 2015

By: Austin Chamberlain

Why I Like to Shoot By: Austin Chamberlain

My name is Austin Chamberlain and I am 16-years-old. I started shooting the rimfire competitions in August of 2014. Tandemkross was the first company to sponsor me in my shooting career. The parts that I have received from Tandemkross have improved my guns so much. My favorite part about shooting is the people you meet. All the people I have met are all good people. All the kids I have met are all polite and respectful and are willing to include anybody. I would like to try to get either my friends from school to come to a match and try it, or get the sport into the school and have a scholastic shooting team. I used to play scholastic sports like baseball and basketball, but never had the interest like I have for shooting sports. Once I was introduced to the shooting sports by one of my lifelong friends, I was immediately hooked. I found out that practice for shooting takes a lot of time and dedication, but it is worth every second. My shooting goal is to get onto the Army Marksmanship Unit. They are the best of the best and all the great shooters of today went through the AMU. I would love to become one of the best shooters in the sport and I will work hard to achieve my dream. Hope to see you on the range!