Teenage Thoughts on Shooting

Posted by Veronica on 12th Apr 2015

Teenage Thoughts on Shooting by Amber Langley

Keep in mind as you read through this that I am not a writer, I'm a shooter. So, I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make.

Being a teenager is hard, but what makes it easier and a bit less stressful is shooting. I'm a 15 year old girl. I've been shooting since January, 2014 and I have a passion for shooting. Shooting is less of a physical game, it's more like a mental one. Every time you go up to the stage, you have to analyze the targets and figure out the fastest way to shoot it. If there are any kids thinking about trying shooting out, do it! It might sound complicated or hard, but trust me it is so much fun. For me, shooting is like an escape from school, friends and stress. Shooting is learning how to defend yourself from multiple attackers as fast as you can. It is a challenge to see how fast you can go. Every time someone goes up to shoot, they should push themselves to do better than before.

There are so many advantages of being a teenager in this sport. You get to meet so many people. Many of them are not my age. However, occasionally I see some shooters that are teens. While shooting with new people, you get to learn all about what they like to shoot and the problems they have with it. Sometimes I get to suggest some parts they can acquire to fix them. If you want to be really fast, you need to practice a lot. This sport is time consuming, but if you like it then it won't matter. After shooting you must clean your gun if you want the gun to perform well every time you take it out. Cleaning a gun thoroughly takes around 30 minutes, but it's a necessity.

Sometimes one of my friends wants to try to shoot, so I get the opportunity to teach them what I love. I personally think younger people improve more quickly because they have more motive to improve. There are not many teen shooters, which is sad, because it is a blast to shoot! So if you're a kid and you're thinking about trying it, just jump in and try.

Being in this sport teaches you so much. You can learn communication skills and get experience planning your schedule and speed. Over the last year I have learned all of these. I have received the opportunity of spotting a new shooter and giving them some tips on where to find some great products, like TANDEMKROSS. They have some plus one bumpers and compensators. These are some of my favorite products of theirs. They make everything run much more smoothly. One of the disadvantages, however, is how much money goes into this sport. Not everything is expensive but it all adds up. Tandemkross is great at keeping the products priced affordably. If you like shooting enough the money will not be a big deal because you are enjoying yourself. And you will have the products for a lifetime.

Some people in this world are not wired to shoot guns.They don't understand what I do. I try to explain it to them, but some are just not interested and that's okay. Others understand, and they learn how to shoot. I love bringing more people to shoot with me! One of the major problems is acquiring ammunition. The rimfire is the hardest because that's in very high demand. It costs more and takes more effort to get. Parents or family friends over 18 have to get it for you because teens can not buy it which makes things more difficult.

The most fun part about shooting is getting to travel. You can get shooting advice from different people than you normally see. Another great thing about being younger is that we have our own group. We can compete against kids our own age. This makes things a little more fair so kids don't have to go against people who have been shooting for 30 years. Shooting is my favorite sport and I want to see more people getting into it. It is not as difficult as it seems. But you have to have practice to get really good at it.

TANDEMKROSS helps anyone who needs parts or help putting something together. I hope what I wrote helps someone come to this sport.