TANDEMKROSS Welcomes Eric and Heather Martin

Posted by Veronica on 9th Mar 2016

Eric and Heather Martin met at Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN. Together, they share many passions. Not only do the shoot and compete together as a family, but they are celebrating their 20 year wedding anniversary by accepting the invitation to join the TK family.

Eric and Heather Martin have a hobby farm where they provide habitat to wildlife (pheasants, squirrels, birds, and whatever else Heather decides to feed) and homes to both adopted and rescue animals ranging from horses to dogs and cats. They both have a passion for gardening: Heather for growing things and Eric for eating what she grows. Eric is an avid sportsman and Heather enjoys taking what Eric brings homes and turning it into jerky and sausage. Heather began shooting Rimfire occasionally in 2013. She got Eric to join her in 2014. Once they were both involved, their excitement and passion for the sport just grew. As a couple they have gone from participating in local league events to participating in Rimfire events across the US. They enjoy the time that they get to spend together practicing and competing and of course, cleaning up after wards. They have their own ongoing competition of who has the most “race guns”: Heather was in the lead until Jan 2016.

Eric and Heather look forward to celebrating their 20 year wedding anniversary by joining the TK family! Congratulations!