TANDEMKROSS Announces 2017 Shooting Team

TANDEMKROSS Announces 2017 Shooting Team

Posted by Danielle Gagnon on 15th Feb 2017

TANDEMKROSS is proud to announce its Team TANDEMKROSS shooting team and new sponsored shooters for the 2017 shooting season. The members of Team TANDEMKROSS and our sponsored shooters compete in a wide range of Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge, USPSA and other speed shooting sports competitions around the United States. Ranging in age from 6 years old to seniors, we're proud to have these talented shooters represent our company and our brand in the shooting sports community.

Team TANDEMKROSS Shooting Team

Sponsorship, especially on a team level, is something that TANDEMKROSS cares deeply about. It's our way of giving back to those most passionate about the sport and doing our part to secure the future of the shooting sports.

The returning TEAM TANDEMKROSS Members for the 2017 shooting sports season are:

Team Captain - Eric “Kanewolf” Paulson
Austin “Ironman” Chamberlain
Riley “Optimus” Joy Jensen
Matheu “Velocity” Langston
Heather “BondGirl” Martin
Eric “theBEAST” Martin
Hailey “Blondie” Chamberlain
Mylee “MooMoo” Chamberlain

TANDEMKROSS is honored to welcome the following new to 2017 TEAM TANDEMKROSS members:

Kim “KryptekKim” Susor
Gauge “12Gauge" Horlick
Quaid “QuickDraw" Hallum
Cole “ColdTrain" Busch
Dwight “Enforcer” Stearns
Venice “Vennie" Oliver
Emily “Emmy" Cutts

TANDEMKROSS Sponsored Shooters

TANDEMKROSS is honored to sponsor not only our shooting team members, but also a talented group of competitive shooters who have a different primary sponsor, but want to represent the TANDEMKROSS brand. We had an amazing amount of talented applicants this year, and we're proud to announce our returning and new sponsored shooters for 2017.

Returning sponsored TANDEMKROSS shooters:

Alexis Welch

Aimee Williams

Scott Lepping

Chase Orr

Piper Hattox

Jenn Seelhoff

Sydney Wojtowicz

Kurt Wojtowicz

Aura Batten

Tom Sigmon

Dave Parsons

Martin Gephart

Ryan Wagner

Amber Langley

New to 2017 Sponsored TANDEMKROSS Members:

Faith Collier
Jenna Collier
Max Friedman
Rachael Champney
Morgan Chaffin
Jeff Chaffin
Chris Krager
Trenton Mitsuoka
Chris Mitsuoka
TEAM - Striplin Custom Gunworks Shooting Team (Including the infamous Kristina Striplin!)
TEAM - Steel Target Paint Shooting Team

We look forward to the 2017 competitive shooting season and to cheering on our sponsored shooters and all who participate in Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge and other speed shooting sports!