SW22 Victory Review: SW22 Victory Parts and Accessories for Rimfire Owners

Posted by Danielle Gagnon on 27th Jul 2017

If you’re wondering how to choose the best rimfire pistols for competition, or looking for a .22lr pistol that is great for beginners or experienced shooters, then the SW22 Victory from Smith and Wesson may be a great choice.

The SW22 Victory pistol is quickly becoming a popular choice for competitive shooters and weekend plinkers alike. The .22lr pistol is known for its accuracy and speed, and is an ideal platform for after-market parts. To learn more about the Smith and Wesson Victory, the best SW22 parts and accessories and why the .22 Victory is growing in popularity, TANDEMKROSS interviewed SW22 Victory owner Jack Sowell.

Jack is the founder of a SW22 Victory Facebook group, and shared his thoughts on the Victory with TANDEMKROSS. Read on to learn more about the Victory pistol and why it just may be the best rimfire pistol for you.

TK: You purchased your Victory this spring- what made you look into buying a SW22 Victory?

JS: What drew me to the (Smith and Wesson) Victory was the stainless steel finish, but the brand name helped a lot, too. I had a pretty good collection of Smith and Wesson revolvers at one time and the quality was great. I've never had a problem from any Smith and Wesson pistol I've owned. I also like that it is made by an American company.

TK: You started a Facebook group to share tips and discuss the Victory with other Smith and Wesson owners. Why did you decide to start the group?

JS: I searched Facebook trying to find information on the SW22 Victory and realized there were no groups yet. I started the group is January and it’s been slowly growing. Most of the Victory after-market parts manufacturers are part of the group. I’d like to thank TANDEMKROSS, Volquartsen and Traction Grips for being part of the group.

TK: What are your favorite features of the SW22 Victory rimfire pistol?

JS: My favorite feature is the ease of disassembly - it’s very user friendly. .22LR firearms get pretty dirty after shooting them and need more frequent cleaning. It’s pretty easy to shoot 500 rounds on a trip to the range. The Victory can easily be field stripped with one small allen wrench, cleaned and back to shooting in a very short time. That's important to me because I can spend more time shooting.

TK: People often go to your Facebook group to ask questions about issues they’re having with their Smith and Wesson Victory. Have you noticed any issues or had any challenges with your SW22 pistol? What SW22 Victory parts have you used to solve these problems?

JS: The downfalls I’ve found are that the safety isn’t ambidextrous. It’s also hard to charge the weapon and the takedown screw can come loose. The TANDEMKROSS “halo” charging ring has really made the firearm easy to charge. I think that is the best SW22 upgrade I’ve done.

TK: What other SW22 Victory accessories would you like to see in the future?

JS: I’d love to see an adjustable trigger for the SW22 Victory, and some custom wood grips that are either ambidextrous or for left-handed users. A stainless picatinny rail would be nice, too.

TK: As a Victory owner, do you have any tips for people thinking about buying a SW22 Victory?

JS: The best tip I can think of is to the buy the TANDEMKROSS “halo” charging ring. That SW22 upgrade makes the firearm way more enjoyable to shoot, especially for kids. Another thing to note is that this isn’t a lightweight pistol. It definitely has some weight to it.

To learn more about the SW22 Victory pistol from Smith and Wesson, and TANDEMKROSS SW22 Victory parts and SW22 Victory accessories, visit our SW22 category on tandemkross.com.

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