Is the SW22 Victory One of the Best Rimfire Pistols for Competition?

Is the SW22 Victory One of the Best Rimfire Pistols for Competition?

Posted by Danielle Gagnon on 21st Jul 2016

When I first started working at TANDEMKROSS in May, I had only fired a gun once in my life. I was eager to learn about the firearms industry, the best .22lr pistols and, of course, TANDEMKROSS upgrades and how they help our customers.

To help me get familiar with [ T K ] products, our company co-founders often bring (unloaded) firearms to my desk to talk me through the installation of various parts, their uses and how they benefit you- our valued customers.

It’s been quite the learning process so far, and while I’ve had plenty of interesting moments along the way, one moment stands out: the day I could not charge the SW22 Victory.

It happened when I was testing out a prototype of an exciting new part we’re working on for the SW22 Victory (I can’t share more details on that right now, but hope tosoon!). I watched as [ T K ] co-founders Jake and Bryan pulled back the pistol’s bolt fairly easily. They assured me it wasn’t easy to pull back, but I was confident. After all, I lift weights!

I took the rimfire pistol and after double-checking to ensure the chamber and magazine well were empty, I pulled back on the bolt. And nothing happened. It did not even budge.

“My fingers must be slippery,” I said, laughing nervously.

I pulled again, harder this time. Still nothing!

“Is it stuck?” I asked, hopeful.

I was assured it was not stuck and so I pulled again...and again...until finally it released. Once I got the hang of it, it became easier to charge, but I was still shocked at how challenging it was.

I learned that the Smith and Wesson Victory has a very strong hammer spring and small bolt grip, making it harder to charge than a lot of other rimfire pistols.I kept thinking about the young competition shooters we sponsor on Team TANDEMKROSS, and how challenging it might be for them, an older shooter or anyone with smaller hands, to charge the SW22 Victory pistol.

It was a great moment of learning for me, not only about the .22lr Victory itself, but also about our “halo” Charging Ring and just how valuable it is. After my struggle, I tried charging the Victory with the “halo” installed and it was incredibly simple. I could immediately see just how powerful this part really is to Victory owners of all ages and experience level.

I’m not alone. We’ve heard great feedback from customers,reviewers and competition shooters about the value the “halo” brings to the Victory.

This month, we’re sharing this feedback with you and celebrating the SW22 Victory.There’s a reason this firearm is quickly becoming one of the most popular rimfire pistols on the market: it's a fun gun to shoot, and is practically begging for add-on parts and accessories like our "halo" and "Game Changer" compensator.

Read on to learn more about the best upgrades for your SW22 Victory. And if you don't have a Victory yet, you just might want one after reading this month's newsletter.

-- Danielle Gagnon, Marketing Assistant

Interview with a SW22 Victory Owner

Robert Richardson is the founder of a popularFacebook group for SW22 Victory owners. In an interview with TANDEMKROSS he shared why he loves the Victory platform, and talked about his top picks for SW22 Victory accessories.

Click here to read the full interview.

The Best Parts for your SW22 Victory

TANDEMKROSS offers two of the best parts for SW22 Victory: the "halo" Charging Ring and "Game Changer" Compensator.

"halo" Charging Ring

As you read in the introduction to this newsletter, charging your SW22 Victory may not be as simple as it seems, thanks to thelimited grip surface of the bolt ears. For junior and senior shooters, overcoming the hammer can also be a serious challenge.

The TANDEMKROSS "halo" Charging Ring helps users overcome these challenges. Itsunique ring pull design ensures fingers of any size can get a proper grip and utilize the extra leverage needed to make the job easy.

**Available in black or silver**

Click here to learn more about the "halo" Charging Ring for SW22 Victory.

"Game Changer" Compensator

While theSW22 Victory is an accurate pistol on its own, there is still plenty of room to reduce muzzle rise and improve your accuracy and speed of shooting.

A good muzzle brakeofferssteadier, more accurate follow onshots.The TANDEMKROSS “Game Changer” Compensator was designed by a physicistto ensure it ventsthe gases for .22LR in the most efficient way possible. To this end, the"Game Changer" features vents along the top and at 45-degree angles along the side. This pattern of cutsgives the shooter just the right amount of offset for the .22LR cartridge to speed along their targets without having todrasticallyre-adjust after eachshot.

**Available in black or silver**

Click here to learn more about the Game Changer Compensator for SW22 Victory

What Our Customers Say

The SW22 Victory is one of the most talked-about firearms on the market. From Facebook groups and forums to top firearms publications and social media, the Victory is the talk of the town. TANDEMKROSS parts for the Victory are also much-discussed among firearms enthusiasts.

Keep reading for the best reviews from our customers and across social media.
Reviews for the "halo" Charging Ring
"If you own a S&W SW22 Victory, for as good of a shooter as it is, you know how much of a bear it can be to rack. The "halo" changes all of that. Sooo much easier. It is very easy to install and fits great! The item description is spot on! If you are lucky enough."
"Just got my halo ring for my new SW22 love it ! Simple to install and no problems with the function of the firearm at all. With my old fingers every bit of help pulling back a slide is welcome. Now I want one for all my semi autos :) "
"Just installed the halo ring. It looks great. Super easy to install. The screw is just the correct size. Tighten down until it stops. Done...I got the black one to tie together the sights and grips. Makes it more convenient to cock. Just look finger in and pull. Great product great look. Money well spent."

Reviews for the "Game Changer" Compensator
"This is compensator that works, not one with a bunch of holes that is just for looks. Another high quality product from Tandemkross."
"The machining job on these compensators is perfect. Unlike other brands, TK's compensator has the exhaust holes in the correct upward position. This makes it so that gas will only be released to counteract the slight 22lr muzzle rise and help with staying on target."

"I was skeptical I would be able to tell the difference, but I was wrong.It even improved the balance."

Interested in learning even more about the TANDEMKROSS SW22 Victory pistol and SW22 Victory maintenance? Want a step-by-step process to learn how to remove the magazine disconnect in the SW22 Victory? Visit our YouTube channel to explore these topics and more with Team TANDEMKROSS shooter Brian Lawson, who held a live Facebook event on the SW22 Victory this month.

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