5 Ways to Store your Firearms Safely

5 Ways to Store your Firearms Safely

Posted by James Forrester on 28th Jun 2021

5 Ways to Store your Firearms Safely

As a competitive shooter, it’s important that you take proper care of your firearms. Whether it is at the gun range or when you’re not using it at home. Especially at home when you’re not around, it’s essential that your firearms aren’t easily within reach of anyone.

Your firearms are important for competitions. You want them safely stored and the way you do it shouldn’t damage your firearms either. These are some of the best ways to store your firearms safely.

Gun Safes

Gun safes are one of the best ways of securing your firearms safely. In some states, you are even required to own one if you also own guns. Gun safes are probably the most secure way for storing your firearms safely.

Gun safes have dedicated racks and lined interiors that help protect your firearms from rust. They also have a number of features that competitive shooters will feel relieved of if they leave their firearms at home unsupervised. Gun safe features may include:

  • Heavyweight design
  • Heavy-gauge steel of the outer box
  • Complex locking mechanism
  • Can be bolted to your home
  • Can withstand most natural disasters like flooding and fire

Gun safes make thieves think twice about stealing your most prized firearms and possessions. While gun safes can be quite expensive, they last you a lifetime and for all their features, they’re definitely worth it.

Gun Cases

Gun cases are great for storing your firearms safely when you are out of the house or moving to a competition. They can be found in your local sporting goods stores and gun stores. Gun cases can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials used.

If you feel like practicing and getting the rust off your shooting skills, you will want to go to your local gun range to shoot some. While you can just bring your gun along with you, this presents the risk of exposing your firearm to thieves and other harmful elements.

Some gun cases have locking mechanisms that can deter thieves and protect your firearms. They’re not the best for home storage. However, you will want a gun case if you constantly frequent the gun range. They make your guns easy to transport while keeping them safe.

Gun Cabinets

Gun cabinets are a cheaper alternative for gun safes. They have some of the features that gun safes have like locking mechanisms and a thinner gauge of steel. However, they won’t fair better against a natural disaster.

On the other hand, gun cabinets aren’t as heavy as gun safes so they’re easier to transport or move around the house. They’re also convenient if you’re living in an apartment building or want to store it in a second-floor room. Just make sure you have a plan to protect your firearms if your area is disaster-prone.

If you’re serious about competitive shooting, gun safes are a better option. If you don’t have the budget, you can settle for a gun cabinet.

Trigger Locks

Trigger locks are an added protection for storing your firearms safely. They prevent your guns from being loaded or fired by an unauthorized user or accidentally. Trigger locks are either provided by the manufacturer or the dealer.

As a competitive shooter, we rarely get careless with our guns. However, there’s no harm in making sure that we have extra safety measures to keep ourselves and our firearms safe. Thieves will always find a way to get access to your firearms, and accidents happen. An added protection is a great idea.

More than half of all U.S. gun owners do not report storing all of their guns safely. Competitive shooters should know better the consequences of not storing their guns safely. Trigger locks ensure you still have a safety measure if all your storage options fail.

Security Cases

Security cases are another portable option to consider. While we wouldn’t recommend security cases for home storage, there are some security cases that employ extra safety features that would make us consider using them for home storage.

If you want to transport a lot of firearms with you to a competition, just one gun case won’t cut it. Security cases are a more preferable alternative in this case. A security case would help store and safely transport a lot of firearms and essential accessories that you will need in a competition.


If we were to pick a combination without budget limitations, We would get a gun safe, gun case, and trigger locks. Add security cases for when you want to bring a lot of guns and accessories. That way, competitive shooters can properly store and protect their firearms safely and have them ready for the next competition.